Meet Baker Sara Tso of Matchbox Kitchen
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Meet our second Visian ICL brand ambassador Sara Tso of Matchbox Kitchen! Get to know her and why the Visian ICL was right for her. 

Meet Visian ICL Brand Ambassador Sara Tso from Visian ICL on Vimeo.   

I’m Sara Tso, owner and baker of Matchbox Kitchen, a natural baking company focused on sustainable and organic practices. Using high quality natural ingredients is the core of my baking philosophy, which is why I chose Visian ICL. The process is natural and works with my body rather than against it. 

My Vision Journey

Though I had a consultation for LASIK a few years ago, the idea of permanently reshaping my cornea did not sit well with me. As my prescription is on the higher side, the doctor told me it may be more difficult to achieve 20/20 vision. I’d also heard many personal accounts from friends that their vision had changed a few years after having LASIK but there weren't great options that they could do about it, one of which would be to start wearing glasses again.

My favorite part about Visian ICL is that it is completely removable. Nothing is taken away from my eyes but instead added to it. The collamer lens is safe and undetectable. There is nothing about the procedure that makes me feel uneasy, especially because I know the lens material is natural and safe for my eyes.

The procedure was quick and painless and I could see almost immediately! I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time, which took no longer than 20 or 30 minutes per eye. The hardest part was giving my eyes a rest after the procedure; I wanted to read everything with my new vision! By the next day I was already seeing 20/20. 

My Celebration

To celebrate Sara’s new 20/20 vision she threw a summer dessert party in downtown Los Angeles and invited her friends and followers to learn all about the Visian ICL procedure and taste some of her new summer desserts

Matchbox Kitchen Summer Dessert Party Photos.

Splendid Studios Photo Booth Photos.

The Visian ICL is not for everyone, please consult your doctor to see if it’s right for you.

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